Marie Fourmont

“I’ve always wanted to do lots of things. I didn’t know what to choose!” Marie is incredibly inquisitive. She wants to understand, know and experiment with everything. So, what job should she choose? At the last year of high school – studying science and engineering subjects – she was attracted to engineering but also psychology, art therapy and even water tasting! One thing leading to another, she decided “I’m going to be a sommelier”. Her father had introduced her to wine during their holidays since she was old enough to partake. She found it fascinating. She therefore enrolled for an updating course (MAN). “At my first cooking class, even before we started, we were just standing in front of the cooker with the equipment, our aprons on, and I fell in love on the spot. It was an incredible emotion, a revelation… And the more I move forward, the more obvious it seems. I’ve found my way ”. During her two internships in luxury hotels, Marie has grasped the opportuni


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