Lemon ice cream

Sorbet & ice-cream recipe
Jean-Christophe Duc

Jean-Christophe Duc

Pastry Chef, Technical adviser Les vergers Boiron
Jean-Christophe Duc is a Compagnon du Tour de France and has a European Master’s degree in pastry making. He is a native of the French region of the Bresse in Burgundy and lived his youth between t...
  1. Lemon ice cream


    • Invert sugar - 50g
    • Sugar - 180g
    • skim milk (powder) - 75g
    • Stabilizer - 5g
    • Glucose powder - 37g
    • Full cream - 1L
    • cream 35% - 115g
    Heat the cream with the milk to 40 °C. 
    Gradually add the powders. 
    Bring to the boil. 
    Set aside. 
    Mix once cold with the purees. 
    Leave to mature, churn. 
    Set aside.
    For a total weight of 1612g

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