Chocolate-apricot finger

Pastry recipe
Maxime Guerin & Nicolas Barbet

Maxime Guerin & Nicolas Barbet

Patisserie trainers
Maxime Guerin With a CAP diploma in patisserie, Maxime was lucky enough to spend his two-year apprenticeship at the Buttner patisserie and chocolate-makers. There, he was able to learn all the basics ...
  1. Soft pistachio sponge


    • Egg white - 225g
    • Caster sugar - 225g
    • green coloring
    • yellow coloring
    • Egg - 90g
    • Egg yolk - 180g
    • Flour T55 - 75g
    • Chopped pistachios - 75g
    • Butter 82% fat - 45g

    Beat the egg whites with the caster sugar. Add the green and yellow food colouring.
    In another mixing bowl, beat the whole eggs and the egg yolks.
    Combine both mixtures and add the flour, pistachio powder then the warm melted butter.
    Bake at 190°C for about 10 min.

  2. Apricot compote


    • Frozen fruits IQF : Apricot halves - 760 g
    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Apricot - 920 g
    • Vanilla pods - 3
    • Sugar - 370g
    • Pectin NH - 15g
    • Gelatine 200 bloom (powder) - 18g
    • Apricots (dried) - 260g
    • Water - (hydratation) 108g

    Warm the frozen apricots and puree with the vanilla to 40°C, add the NH pectin diluted in sugar.
    Add the dry apricots in pieces then bring to the boil. Add the moistened gelatine.

    In this step

    Frozen whole fruit and pieces IQF
  3. Milk chocolate mousse


    • Milk - 60g
    • Sugar - 75g
    • Egg yolk - 80g
    • Egg - 70g
    • Dark chocolate 64% - 50g
    • Cream 35% fat - 65g
    • Gelatine 200 bloom (powder) - 8g
    • Water - (hydratation) 48g
    • Whipped cream 35% - (2) 530g

    Bring the milk and sugar to the boil.
    Pour over the egg yolks and whole eggs. Cook to 72°C. Filter then add until cool.
    Bring cream (1) to the boil and add the bloomed gelatine, pour over the previously melted chocolates.
    At 40 °C, add the whipped cream (2) then the bombe mixture.

  4. Crumbled oat flakes


    • Oat flakes - 150g
    • Water - 50g
    • Sugar - 100g

    Cook the sugar and water at 117°C.
    Add the oat flakes then crumble. Leave to cool.

  5. Milk chocolate and oat flake mixture


    • Cocoa butter - 250g
    • grapeseed oil - 50g
    • Milk chocolate 46% - 1kg

    Melt the milk chocolate couverture then add the melted cocoa butter, grapeseed oil and crumbled oat flakes.
    Crystallise at 33 °C.

  6. Sublime Cream


    • Sugar - 80g
    • Vanilla pods - 1
    • Mascarpone - 1kg

    Beat all the ingredients together.

  7. Assembly

    Spread the apricot compote over the pistachio sponge and freeze.
    In a 37x57 cm frame, spread the milk chocolate mousse and add the apricot insert and sponge to create a reverse assembly.
    Freeze and cut into 13 x 2.5 cm fingers.

  8. Decoration


    • Apricot - pieces

    Spray with milk chocolate velvet (60% chocolate / 40% cocoa butter).
    Dip the fingers in the oat flake / milk chocolate mixture until level with the apricot puree. Using a small decorative nozzle, pipe out a cream wave.
    Add small pieces of dried apricot. Finish off with a bar of white and milk chocolate.

  9. Chef's advice

    You can replace the oat flakes by almonds or pistachios which will go well with the apricot.

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