PGI Sicilian Blood orange petit chou

Pastry recipe
Xavi Donnay

Xavi Donnay

Chef Pâtissier
Xavi Donnay trained at the Catering School of Sitges. His experience in Jean Luc Figueras restaurant (1 *) made him discover for the very first time high restaurant pastry. He decided at this moment ...
  1. Choux paste


    • Milk - 166g
    • Water - 166g
    • Sugar - 6g
    • Salt - 3g
    • Butter - 145g
    • Flour - 180g
    • Egg - 300g

    Boil the milk with the salt, sugar and butter in pieces.
    When it starts boiling, add the sifted flour stirring constantly.
    Cook for 2 minutes.
    Then remove from the heat and leave to cool for some minutes on the marble counter.
    In stand mixer fitted with a flat beater, add in the beaten eggs.
    Once the dough is smooth, remove from the stand mixer and transfer to a pastry bag, pipe into 3-cm rings lined with Silpain and fill them halfway.
    Close with a Silpain and put a tray and weight on top.

    Set the oven at 260°C. Once the temperature is reached, turn it off and bake for 22 minutes.
    Turn it on again and bake at 160°C for 20 more minutes.

  2. PGI Sicilian Blood orange cream


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : PGI Sicilian blood orange - 220g
    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Lime - 20g
    • Sugar - 330g
    • Egg - 338g
    • Butter - 500g
    • Gelatine (sheet) - 3

    Mix the sugar with the eggs and the purée then heat to simmering but do not boil.
    Remove from the heat and add the gelatine previously soaked in cold water and strained.
    Leave to cool to 40-45°C and emulsify with cold pieces of butter with blender for 5 minutes.
    Strain and pour into spherical moulds.

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  3. PGI Sicilian Blood orange mousse


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : PGI Sicilian blood orange - 460g
    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Lime - 40g
    • Egg white (pasteurized) - 150g
    • trehalose - 80g
    • Albumin - 3g
    • Gelatine (sheet) - 8
    • Half-whipped cream - 240g

    Start beating the egg whites than gradually add the trehalose mixed with with the albumin.
    Heat the lime purée and melt in the soaked and strained gelatine leaves, mix with the clementine purée until well combined.
    Mix the gelled purées with the meringue then with the half whipped cream.
    Transfer the mixture to a disposable pastry bag and pipe into spherical moulds.

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  4. Mango passion fruit glaze


    • Glucose syrup - 85g
    • Sugar - 95g
    • Water - 80g
    • Pectin NH - 4g

    Heat both purées with the water and sugar.
    At 50°C, add the sugar mixed with the pectin, mix with a mixer then bring to a boil.
    Remove from the heat and leave to 40°C.
    Glaze the frozen clementine mousse spheres and place directly onto the white chocolate plaque.

  5. Assembly and plating

    Make a hole in the choux paste and fill with clementine cream, place the white chocolate plaque and frozen mousse sphere on top.
    Finish with a little white alder leaf.

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