Andres Lara

Pastry Chef

Born in Chicago of Colombian parents, Pastry Chef Andres Lara enjoyed a multicultural upbringing which embraced his Latin heritage and set the stage for his multinational pastry career. It was during his sophomore year of high school, when he spent his weekends working in kitchens for free, that Lara first realized the potential for creativity inherent in pastry, and determined to pursue it professionally. He enrolled in the French Pastry School for education under his first mentors, Jacquy Pfeiffer and MOF Sébastien Canonne, completing his Art de la Patisserie diploma in 2000. Lara then embarked upon a culinary journey around the world. In Spain he honed his chocolate skills under Chef Paco Torreblanca at Pasteleria Totel , and worked with Chef Ramon Morato at the Chocovic Chocolate School outside of Barcelona. He also did time at the culinary temple el Bulli , working with renowned pastry innovator Albert Adrià.


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