Alon Shabo

Pastry chef, designer, teacher

Israeli pastry chef Alon Shabo, at just 28 years old, has become one of the leading figures in Tel Aviv’s new wave foodie scene.

After graduating from the Bishulim culinary school, Alon became the pastry chef at Shulchan (Hebrew for table) restaurant and The Dining Hall, both owned by TV celebrity chef Omer Miller, now focusing on revolutionizing the street food scene.

Alon Shabo, like his fellow Israeli Les vergers Boiron consultant colleague, Eran Shvartzbard, believes that pastry making should be modeled on sculpture, the visual arts, architecture and other creative fields.

His compositions are spectacular, using very precise and traditional French pastry techniques to create veritable avant-garde works of art combining unconventional colors, shapes and textures, but also innovative taste combinations.

He is constantly traveling and exploring food and pastry innovation all over the world.

In this regard, he has been greatly inspired by Parisian pastry chef Claire Damon of Café Des Gâteaux et du Pain, who has reworked classical pastries with contemporary flavors and colors, using ingredients like blackcurrant and violet. As for Alon, he has tested combinations that include lime and green tomatoes or pineapple and basil.

Shabo now also works as a consultant for Les vergers Boiron, of course, and for leading restaurants and hotels in his home country.

He is also active on social media, in particular Facebook and Instagram, where his bold and colorful creations seek to create what he calls a “new language” of pastry making, styling and photography.

He leads pastry master-classes in his culinary studio in Tel Aviv and organizes pop-up high tea sessions at the prestigious Nine Rooms ladies club in Yafo.


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