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Towards a reasoned gourmet pleasure
You want to cater the growing demand for products with less fat and sugar yet still tasty. Our fruit solutions live up to this approach so your creativity can combine pleasure and dietary requirements, with flavor-filled fruit as the main ingredient.

Pierre Abi Hayla
Confectioner and chocolate maker
The 30 year-old Beirut-based chef Pierre Abi Hayla, owner of Le Noir Atelier is passionate about chocolate and has in very little time become an iconic figure of Lebanon’s foodie scene. His philoso...

Recipes for confectioner and chocolate maker

Discover inspirations and innovations of Chefs who share their tips and recipes with you.

Confectionery Martín Lippo

Xavi Donnay exotic chocolate

by Martín Lippo
Confectionery Paul Wagemaker

Coconut cream ganache

by Paul Wagemaker
Confectionery Paul Wagemaker

Portrait of confectioner and chocolate maker

Women and men from peculiar backgrounds with great ideas, rooted in tradition and exploring new horizons at the same time.
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All basic preparations for confectioner and chocolate maker

Let us guide you in the world of confectionery and chocolate and discover tips and dosing for basic preparations. Technical information and suggestions for all your chocolate and confectionery creations, made by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France.

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