Fruits of the orchard
Fig (Fruits of the orchard)

Fig: a sensual fruit and a bashful leaf!

The fig, a very antique fruit originating in Asia Minor, was introduced into the Middle-East four millennia ago, reaching Greece in the 8th Century and then Rome, from which it spread throughout the Mediterranean. The Spanish then brought it across the Atlantic. The fig has played a fundamental role in people’s diets wherever it has gone, eaten fresh, cooked and dried, accompanying savory and sweet dishes, it has been at the very center of culinary inventiveness since the dawn of time. Beyond, the fig and its avatars have been at the heart of the symbolism of many civilizations. For example, it is the first fruit mentioned in the Bible and certain scholars argue that the fig was the forbidden fruit, and not the apple. Notwithstanding this claim, it’s true that when Adam and Eve became bashful of their nudity after committing the original sin, they covered their private parts with fig leaves. This usage was renewed in the Middle-Ages to cover the nudity of antique sculptures and early paintings. This same dichotomy, between sensuality and discretion, is to be found in numerous societies, from India to the Americas, via Africa. This fascination probably stems from the ambiguous shape of the fig, both masculine and feminine, which makes it an object of desire as well as reprehension, as does its taste which is sensually glutinous, providing a degree of pleasure that some consider to be almost transgressive. There are today over 750 varieties of figs – white, red and purple – produced in significant quantities in at least 50 countries across the world.

Report on Didier Fabre, fig producer and Les vergers Boiron partner.

The Fabre domain, located in the Gapeau Valley, in Provence, between Hyères and Toulon, produces quality Solliès figs, which were granted the status of AOC (Controlled Appellation) in 2006 and AOP (Protected Appellation) in 2015. The collaboration with the Fabre domain goes back 20 years and has been perpetuated across two generations. It is emblematic of the Les vergers Boiron philosophy in the way it works with its privileged suppliers, based on three key words: terroir, trust, exchange.

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Recipes with fig flavor

Chefs from all over the world share with you a selection of recipes made with this flavor to inspire your pastry, ice cream making, cooking and cocktails. 

Starters Michael Laiskonis

Petit Basque

by Michael Laiskonis
Iced desserts Martín Lippo

Frozen fig

by Martín Lippo
Individual pastries Martín Lippo

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