Our flavours

Expressing your know-how
Our 54 flavors are available in 140 product references: purées, coulis, concentrated preparations, whole fruits or fruit pieces. We blend our fruit to ensure a constant taste, sugar content, texture and flavor so you can make use of your know-how and express your creativity.

Red fruits

Synonymous with pleasure, red fruits are fresh, light and colorful and can be eaten in all seasons.
They have also an interesting nutritional value as they are rich in trace elements and antioxidants!

Fruits of the orchard

The fruits of the orchard, especially the peaches, pears and apricots that we supply are harvested nearby, in our beautiful region of Drôme.

Tropical fruits

Brought from distant regions, the tropical fruits we supply are ripe-picked and frozen on site before being transported.
Thus, their organoleptic qualities remain intact.

Citrus fruits

Our twelve citrus flavors cover the full range of these flavorful and colorful fruits, from bergamot to yuzu.
Ideal for pastry and ice cream making, they are also essential for your savory and mixology creations.


Much appreciated by chefs, red pepper and pumpkin purées also caters for a growing trend for fruit-vegetable combination in pastry and ice cream making.