Recycling: everything is good in fruit and vegetables

Recycling: everything is good in fruit and vegetables

While governments, research institutes, producers and manufacturers realise the absolute necessity of not wasting products that demand significant water resources and energy and while France has adopted a law last February to fight food waste, Les vergers Boiron have long associated their employees and their partners to produce minimal waste, while recycling as much as possible.

Les vergers Boiron have significantly reduced the production of waste per tonne of manufactured products; and there were more than 232 tonnes of additional fruit and vegetable waste reprocessed in 2015! 

It all started long ago by a comprehensive audit

To achieve this performance, Les vergers Boiron began by organising a large-scale audit involving all employees. Our goal? Study workstations generating vegetable waste from all angles. The result? Everything has been reviewed or almost: the equipment has been changed or optimised, sensors have been set up to detect damaged fruits and vegetables, cleaning methods have been improved and teams made aware of best practices. Employees have also been also encouraged to think about new ways to recycle each type of waste.

The "second chance" concept

Ingredients that are too damaged to make products, but nevertheless perfectly edible are given to company staff and the "Restos du Coeur" food bank. Some are also sold to manufacturers of animal feed. Les vergers Boiron are also in the forefront in the recycling of "co-products": e.g. raspberry achenes and spent blackcurrant grains are transformed into syrup by distilleries or may be used for crop spreading. They can also be sold to manufacturers of body scrubs.

An approach that goes the extra mile...

This eco-friendly and responsible approach is a genuine state of mind and is not limited to fruit and vegetables. Containers such as trays, which are completely recyclable, are delivered in reusable crates, delivery packaging is in 100% recycled cardboard .... Even old PCs are extended by 5 years with the addition of a new operating system and RAM, or recycled by a specialised external organisation.


When you use Les vergers Boiron products, you can be sure we are doing everything to produce responsibly, innovate and develop eco-friendly methods that avoid the waste of valuable resources.

April 2016