Healthy eating: the new trend

Healthy eating: the new trend

All over the world, food trends are promoting a return to a balanced diet, using fresh and healthy ingredients. Les vergers Boiron, whose range is healthy by nature and always has been, reviews this trend which will certainly influence your business.

If, one day, someone asks you if your creations are healthy, don't be surprised. The "healthy eating" trend is booming. There are already thousands of coaches on the Internet and millions of fans. A combination of multiple health trends, a varied diet of local and fresh ingredients, with a minimum of chemicals, and prepared with maximum naturalness is recommended.

The healthy eating movement came about following the major health scandals of mad cow disease and horse meat and is taking firmer hold with the publication of serious and well researched studies, which denounce the harmful effects on our health of certain farming or breeding methods which are more concerned with making profit than food quality.

The result: eating healthily on a daily basis has become very important, both at home and when eating out. All food professions are affected from farm to table. Fresh products, guaranteed origin, reduced fat, sugar and salt are becoming the norm. Although cake shops, especially bakeries, are finding new outlets in the snacking trend, butter and salami baguettes are no longer the flavour of the day! Instead, working people in a hurry or students lacking cooking skills appreciate vegetable quiches, mixed salads with pulses, soups, yogurts with coulis prepared with a few crunchy seeds, smoothies, bread made with special flour, with or without gluten, etc.

A return to environmentally-friendly farming

In recent years, the demand for products which are grown in an environmentally-friendly and animal-friendly way, with or without little phytosanitary products, without GMOs and without antibiotics, has peaked. Ancestral techniques, such as permaculture or sustainable farming, have made a come-back and are becoming widespread.

An informed choice of a balanced diet...  

Health complications resulting from intensive farming are no longer rare and little known. There is a growing number of people who are sensitive or intolerant to gluten and there are around 500 million obese people among the world's adult population.  
. The market of gluten-free products is exploding and natural substitutes, such as vegetable-based milks (soya, almond, coconut, rice or oat) are starting to take preference over cow's milk from intensive farming, because we know more about the high content of saturated fats, the tendency to fix toxins and irritate the immune system.

...enjoyable diversity.
To be sure they are getting the right benefits from their food, consumers are becoming more curious and better informed, but this doesn't make them any less enthusiastic about what they eat. Healthy eating doesn't mean dieting. It means being aware of what you eat and enjoying it. Tarts made with spelt flour, light fruit mousses and special breads need to be delicious and tasty. The list of gluten-free flours promises a multitude of new tastes: buckwheat, linen, grape seeds, hemp, chestnut, lentil, chickpea, millet, and animal fat alternatives like oils made from hazelnut, walnut, coconut oil, grape seed, sesame, avocado, rapeseed, etc. – an entire new palette for your talent!

Les vergers Boiron is 70 years ahead in these matters. At Les vergers Boiron, health safety, sourcing from the best producers, the strictest phytosanitary controls and the guarantee of preserving the natural characteristics of the fresh fruit and vegetable as closely as possible have been an obsession since the beginning. Our range Les vergers Boiron offers a wide diversity of fruits and vegetables, sometimes in the same family: wild strawberry or Mara des bois strawberry, classic orange, bitter orange, blood orange, etc. and less common fruits with high nutritious quality, such as papaya, yuzu, pomegranate and bergamot.

To accompany food professionals in this "healthy eating" trend, we wanted to go even further, so we have developed the widest range of 100% products in the world. These purées have no added sugar*, and like all of our purées, they are free of additives, preservatives and thickeners, GMO-free, gluten-free and allergen-free. A return to basics, in other words a return to fresh and healthy products with authentic and intense flavour, whose nutritients and flavor qualities are preserved and unchanging all year round.

*Contain sugars naturally present in fruit.