Mixologists day in Valence!

Mixologists day in Valence!

To start the back to work season, we had the great pleasure of welcoming in Valence seven expert bartenders from Miami, Madrid, Amsterdam, Rennes, London, Lyons and Antwerp in Belgium.

Mixology Summit at Les vergers Boiron

This day of sharing was an opportunity for them to discover the range and secrets of Les vergers Boiron purees and for us to gather valuable insights and feedback about their job and the world of mixology.
Passionate about taste, color, texture, techniques... these cocktail artists were excited by the discovery of our expertise and the diversity of Les vergers Boiron purees. Exploring the range of flavors, from classics such as strawberry and mango, to more surprising ones, such as Bergamot puree or the Ginger Speciality, provided a wonderful moment of surprise and imagination, a real source of inspiration!

They then enhanced the purees by their talent, combining them with spirits, fresh fruit, flowers and herbs ... The cocktails they had to offer all had one thing in common: excellence. Our taste buds are still buzzing! 


Their recipes in video, click here.