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The cold war of ice cream makers
Ice cream, sorbet and entremets creators are willing to do anything to blow our minds such as dipping fruit purées in -200°C nitrogen, carving into blocks of ice with chainsaws, exposing exotic fruits to cold winter temperatures, putting wild strawberries and cactus together. There is no stopping them in their search for weapons to challenge conventions. And this is no secret: we support them in their search in order to conquer new flavor territories across the world.

Recipes for ice-cream maker

Discover inspirations and innovations of Chefs who share their tips and recipes with you.

Portrait of ice-cream maker

Women and men from peculiar backgrounds with great ideas, rooted in tradition and exploring new horizons at the same time.
Meet these exceptional people!

All our basic preparations for ice-cream maker

Fruit ice creams and sorbets, parfaits and frozen yogurts, discover with our Les vergers Boiron ice cream table chart all the basics for making perfect refreshing desserts, made by Meilleurs Ouvriers de France.
To go further, give a try to our online tool to balance sorbet and ice cream recipes.

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