Martina KÖMPEL

Chef and owner of Les Contes de Bruyères Restaurant

Martina Kömpel has nourished her life with varied and uncharted explorations.

Very early on, she delved into traditional Austrian cooking, while searching for natural organic products, her mother’s passion.

She then went on to explore the culinary cultures of many Asian countries (Indonesia, India, etc.), as well as African and Latin American traditions.

She then worked hard with an haute couture designer in France and obtained a Certificate of competence.

She then undertook university studies, earning a Master’s degree in theater, ethnology and psychology.

To pay for her studies, she became an assistant to directors of photography in film and television in Munich, enabling her to travel to many countries on several continents.

She then chose to live in Paris, where she started her career in gastronomy.

Her extraordinary experiences included working in the brigade of Alain Senderens (major figure of Nouvelle Cuisine, chef of Lucas Carton), then Michel Roth (chef of the Hotel Ritz restaurant).

She then trained at the École Ferrandi of gastronomy and hotel science.

Today, she hosts a culinary show for German television, manages her restaurant and hotel, Les Contes de Bruyères, in Servières-le-Château in Corrèze in Southwestern France and is a Les vergers Boiron consultant.

In her unclassifiable restaurant, she serves a simple menu at lunchtime for the town’s population, more elaborate menus in the evening and, on demand, gastronomic meals for an international clientele.