Sweden, Bocuse d’Argent 2001. Henrik Norström is one of the leaders of Swedish cuisine today but he is also known for a very personal vision of his profession. Being a pioneer in “locavore” trend, he loves enhancing the products of his country but he also insists on doing a cuisine of freshness and simplicity. In 2013, he made some kind of revolution in his life when he decided to turn his Michelin stared restaurant into a daily food bistro namned Lux dag för dag (Lux day by day)! The aim: offer his customers ever changing cooking based on everyday supply of very fresh and strictly seasonal products. No fixed menu, the dishes served are know the day before only. They also buy whole animals that they use according to the principal of “no-waste”. A great innovation too was what he calls “walk through”, a kind of kitchen-shop. At certain hours, in the backyard of the restaurant, he hangs an “OPEN” flag meaning to all lovers of good products that they are welcome to come and fill their b