Fernando del Cerro


Fernando del Cerro started in the family restaurant in 1991, the year when the restaurant get its Michelin star. The young Chef then worked at the Hotel Palace in Madrid and in San Sebastian. He quickly focused on the processing of vegetables and herbs, while respecting the traditional elaboration of Spanish recipes. First Prize of the Chef of the Future, he's also a professor at the training school of Corte Inglès malls, and collaborates to the Spanish TV program "si las quieres las comes" on the Spanish cook channel. He's now the Chef at Casa de José in Aranjuez (Spain). Consistently staking on originality and creativity, his menu shows that it's possible to innovate with the products of a region. The menu "progression in the vegetable elaboration" includes for example twelve dishes in which one seasonable vegetable can be used from the crudest to the most cooked preparation. Being at the cutting edge, defending, changing and adapting to today's tastes, proposing a new approach to fruit and vegetables



Products used by Fernando del Cerro