Lychee ice-cream

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Jean-Christophe Duc

Jean-Christophe Duc

Pastry Chef, Technical adviser Les vergers Boiron
Jean-Christophe Duc is a Compagnon du Tour de France and has a European Master’s degree in pastry making. He is a native of the French region of the Bresse in Burgundy and lived his youth between t...
  1. Lychee ice-cream


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Lychee - 800g
    • Sucrose - 140g
    • Dextrose - 60g
    • Stabilizer - 4g
    • Invert sugar - 40g
    • Cream 35% fat - 419,3g
    • Semi-skimmed milk - 389,3g
    • Milk powder 0% - 147,3g

    Mix whole milk while cold with the milk powder
    Heat in a bain-marie
    At 25°C, incorporate the sugars, the remaining saccharose and invert sugar if needed
    At 35° C, incorporate the cream or the butter
    At 45°C, incorporate the stabiliser mixed with 10 times its weight in sugar
    Pasteurise between 83 and 85°C for 2 minutes
    Cool the mix as quickly as possible
    Weigh defrosted purees
    Incorporate the cooled mix and blend before churning
    Froze at -26°C and store at -18°C

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