Cucumber gazpacho with garden mint and small portion of goat cheese

Savoury recipe
Lionel Lallement

Lionel Lallement

Chef at Saint Clair Le Traiteur in Paris, Lionel Lallement has been using his talent to combine textures and tastes for 30 years. Son and grandson of bakers and pastry makers, Lionel was the youngest ...


    • Mint (leaves) - 2
    • Sandwich bread - 70 g
    • Sherry vinegar - 15 g
    • Water - 100 g
    • Salt and pepper - QS
    • Tabasco® - QS

    Soak crustless bread in vinegar. Add all ingredients in a hermetic container except the olive oil.

    Let sit for 12 hours in the refrigerator.

    In a mixing bowl, emulsify everything by whipping up with olive oil.

    Adjust seasoning to your taste with salt, pepper and Tabasco®.



    Fill small Vodka-size glass with Gazpacho, a trickle of olive oil and on top of theglass, an already-made small slice of buttered brown baguette-like bread,grilled in the oven and on which you place some fresh goat cheese softened with olive oil and chopped chives.

    Season with pepper mill.

    Serve very chilled.

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