Red and black gazpacho of tomato and pepper, matured ham gressini

Savoury recipe
Lionel Lallement

Lionel Lallement

Chef at Saint Clair Le Traiteur in Paris, Lionel Lallement has been using his talent to combine textures and tastes for 30 years. Son and grandson of bakers and pastry makers, Lionel was the youngest ...
  1. Tomato gazpacho


    • Basil - 1/2 botte
    • Garlic - 1 gousse
    • Onion - 50 g
    • Olive oil - 100 g
    • Sandwich bread - 200 g
    • Sherry vinegar - 100 g
    • Salt and pepper - QS
    • Tomatoes (juice) - 800g

    In a blender, blend together the tomato, red pepper puree, cucumber and the basil leaves with the peeled garlic clove (having carefully removed the green shoot from its centre).
    Add the white onion, the bread, olive oil and vinegar at the end.
    Season the mixture with salt, pepper and Tabasco®.
    To achieve a perfectly smooth mixture, at the start blend a tiny bit of liquid with the basil leaves.

  2. Garnish


    • Gressini. - 40
    • Dry ham (aged) - 20 tranches
    • Black squid ink bread - 1 tranche

    Cut the dried ham slices in two along the length then mould each 1/2 slice of ham around the gressini. Reserve.

    Take a slice of the black bread, cut into small cubes. Reserve.

  3. Assembling and presentation

    Fill small glasses 4/5 full with the tomato gazpacho, place a few cubes of black bread on top then a few drops of olive oil with fine sea salt and freshly ground


    Place a ham grissini across the top of the glass. Before serving the gazpacho, blend once more with a stick blender to make it smooth. Serve very cold.

    Assembly and finishing

    Assembling and presentation

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