Chestnut cream, poached egg, 7-hour braised beef tongue

Savoury recipe
Marc de Passorio

Marc de Passorio

This gourmet, trained by Lucien Mongelli in the Reunion Island, concocts a cuisine which is flavoured with memories from all his travels. Produce from Provence also has a prominent place. Consequently...
  1. Chestnut cream, poached egg, 7-hour braised beef tongue


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Chestnut & vanilla - 1kg
    • Fresh liquid cream - 500g
    • Beef tongue - 1 pièce
    • Bouquet garni - 1 kg
    • Port - 1/2 bouteille
    • Veal stock - 500 cl
    • Onion - 10p
    • Poached egg - 10p
    • Croutons - 500g
    • Potato - 1kg
    • Milk - 500g
    • Truffle oil

    Braise the beef tongue with the bouquet garni. Fry the onions until caramelised, glaze with port and reduce by 3/4. When the beef tongue is almost cooked, peel it, continue it until it is glazed in the reduced port jus and leave to cool. Dice finely and leave it to soak up the sauce.

    Warm the single cream with the chestnut puree and check the seasoning.

    Poach the eyes in vinegared boiling water, cool then increase the temperature to serve.

    For the mousse, warm the mashed potato with milk until it reaches almost liquid consistency, season with salt and truffle oil. Pour into a siphon with 3 gas cartridges.

    Presentation:in shot glass or in a plate, depending on your wishes and inspiration


    Present the beef, croutons, chestnut cream, poached egg and finish with the truffle mousse

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