Langoustine, goose foie gras and wild mushrooms

Savoury recipe


Belgium, Bocuse de Bronze 1999. After training at the Louvain hotel school, immediately went to work in reputed star-ranked restaurants; first in Brittany at the Château de Locquenolé in Lorient, then...
  1. Langoustine, goose foie gras and wild mushrooms


    • Mushrooms - 400g
    • scampi - 8
    • fresh goose liver - 400g
    • Mussel cooking liquid - 1dl
    • Butter - 120g
    • Garlic - 1
    • Shallot - 50g
    • Olive oil
    • Salt
    • Pepper

    Clean and chop the wild mushrooms.
    Shell the prawns.
    Cut the goose liver into 100 g slices.
    Boil the mussel juice, and whisk with the fresh butter. Season.
    Sauté the wild mushrooms with the chopped shallots in the olive oil and butter, add a little chopped garlic. Season.
    Fry the prawns in olive oil, season.
    Fry the goose liver escalopes in the olive oil, season.
    Arrange the mushrooms in a circle, pressing down. Position the prawns on top and finish with the goose liver escalope.
    Pour the whisked butter around the edge.

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