King Fish Ceviche, Passionfruit, Jalapeños recipe

Savoury recipe
Adam Handling

Adam Handling

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  1. King Fish


    • Sashimi - 200g

    Slice the fish – nice and thin.

  2. Dressing


    • Ambient fruit purée : Passion fruit - 150g
    • Soy sauce - 50ml
    • Garlic (mashed) - 15g
    • Jalapeno - 100g
    • Shallot - 100g

    Finely dice the shallots and jalapenos and mix all the ingredients together

    In this step

    Ambient fruit purées
  3. Avocado Puree


    • Avocado - 1
    • Lime (juice) - 1
    • Fresh cream - 1 tbsp

    Halve, and peel the avocados

    Blitz to a puree

    Add lime and crème fraiche

    Combine and season to taste

    Pass through a sieve and place in squeeze bottle

  4. Garnish

    Olive oil

    Fennel leaves


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