Blood peach and vanilla panna cotta

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Nicolas Lambert

Nicolas Lambert

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  1. Vanilla panacotta


    • Fresh cream - 3200g
    • Sugar - 320g
    • Gelatin mass - 130g
    • Vanilla pods - 4

    Warm the cream and sugar.
    Infuse 10 minute with the vanilla.
    Add the gelatin mass.
    Put directly inside the verrines.

  2. Vanilla tuiles


    • Butter - 180g
    • Egg white - 300g
    • Flour - 180g
    • Vanilla pods - 3
    • Brown sugar - 420g

    Melt the butter with the brown sugar (30°C maximum).
    Add the flour.
    Finish with the egg whites and vanilla.
    Cook at 180°C.

  3. Blood Peach Jelly


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Blood peach - 680 g
    • Gelatin mass - 150g
    • Glucose - 400g

    Sift the blood peach puree.
    Warm the blood peach puree, gelatin mass and glucose.
    Put on the top of the panacotta the day after.

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  4. Vanilla cream


    • Fresh cream - 200g
    • Vanilla pods - 2
    • Sugar - 140g
    • Gelatin mass - 76g
    • Mascarpone - 600g
    • Fresh cream - 1200g

    Boil together cream, vanilla, sugar and gelatin mass.
    Shift on the cream cold and mascarpone.
    Mix everything together.
    Put 24h in the fridge before whipped.

  5. Finition

    Vanilla tuiles
    Fresh peach

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