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Pastry recipe
Ollivier Christien

Ollivier Christien

Pastry Chef
Born in Brittany, into a family of restaurant owners, Ollivier Christien holds a CAP (French vocational training certificate) in pastry-making and bakery. In 1986, Ollivier Christien worked for a year...
  1. Composition

    Almond daquoise
    Mascarpone mousse
    Mandarin palets
    Supreme citrus fruit cocktail mousse

  2. Almond daquoise (540g/log)


    • Egg white - 150 g
    • Caster sugar - 50 g
    • Icing sugar - 150 g
    • Almond powder - 135 g
    • Flour - 10 g
    • Icing sugar - 40g

    Sieve the almond powder, the icing sugar, and the flour.
    Whip the egg whites and the sugar.
    Incorporate the dry mix with the egg whites and mix delicately.
    Spread on plate 40x60cm.
    Bake at 180°C for 20 minutes.

  3. Mascarpone mousse (500g/log)


    • Mascarpone - 400g
    • Whipped cream - 280g
    • Italian meringue - 185g
    • Mandarin semi-candied - 180g

    Whip up 200g of cream to obtain a smooth texture.
    Place the gelatin in the cold water, and relax the mascarpone cheese with the remainder of cream (80g).
    Make an Italian meringue with the sugar, the water (cooked in 121°C) and egg whites.
    Melt the gelatin in microwave, pour it into the tepid meringue, incorporate the cream whiped up in mascarpone then incorporate delicately the tempered and supple meringue with semi-candied.
    Reserve for the assembly.

  4. Orange & Cointreau palets (350g/log)


    • © Cointreau - 35 g
    • Mineral water - 15 g
    • Gelatin - 4 g
    • semi-candied orange - 600 g

    Plunge the gelatine in cold water to soften.
    Make a syrup with the water, the glucose and the caster sugar.
    Bring the syrup to a boil, add the gelatine, then the semi-candied orange and mix everything with the Cointreau.
    Let cool down in a stainless steel bowl covered, then, start assembling your desserts.

  5. Supreme citrus fruit cocktail mousse (650g/log)


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Citrus fruit cocktail with Cointreau© - 225 g
    • Gelatin - 14 g
    • Single cream 35 % - 390 g
    • Italian meringue - 230 g
    • White couverture 35% - 160 g

    Plunge the gelatine in cold water.
    Whip the cream and heat 90g of fruit puree to make a ganache with the chocolate couverture. Prepare the Italian meringue with the sugar, the water (heated to 121°C) and pour on the whipped egg whites.
    Once the meringue has cooled down (25°C approximately), gently incorporate the chocolate ganache (also at 25°C).
    Add the whipped cream to the rest of the fruit puree and mix gently.
    Begin assembling the dessert.

    In this step

  6. Italian meringue (485g)


    • Egg white - 175g
    • Caster sugar - 330g
    • Mineral water - 100g

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