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Michael Laiskonis

Michael Laiskonis

Pastry Chef
Michael Laiskonis was named Creative Director of New York City’s Institute of Culinary Education in 2012. Previously Executive Pastry Chef Le Bernardin for eight years, his pastry philosophy manifests...
  1. Orange Diamant


    • Flour - 300g
    • Softened butter - 200g
    • Icing sugar - 100g
    • Salt - 1,5g
    • Egg yolk - 20g
    • semi-candied orange - 50g

    Combine the all-purpose flour, butter, confectioner’s sugar, salt, and egg yolk in the bowl of an electric stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment.
    Mix until thoroughly combined into a cohesive dough.
    Fold in the semi-candied orange.
    Roll the dough into cylinder roughly 2cm in diameter. Chill and allow to rest.
    Roll the dough cylinder in the Earl Grey Sugar and slice the cylinder into individual cookies, approximately 1cm thick.
    Arrange the cookies onto a lined sheet pan and bake at 150˚C/300˚F for 10-12 minutes, or until very lightly browned. Cool completely.
    Top each cookie with the Mandarin Preserve and finely chopped pistachio.

  2. Earl Grey Sugar


    • Sucrose - 150g
    • - 5g

    Rub together or grind the sucrose and earl grey tea.
    Store in a closed container and allow to infuse for a minimum 4 hours.

  3. Mandarin preserve


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Mandarin - 350 g
    • Sucrose - 50g
    • Sucrose - 150g
    • Citric acid - 2.5g
    • semi-candied orange
    • yellow pectin - 10g

    Place the mandarin puree in a sauce pan and heat to 40˚C/104˚F. Stir in the first measurement of sucrose (1) and pectin. Bring to a boil.
    Add the remaining sucrose (2) and chopped semi-candied orange.
    Cook the mixture, stirring constantly over medium heat, to 101˚C/215°F, remove from heat and stir in citric acid. Allow to cool.

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