Lemon macaroon

Pastry recipe
Jean-Christophe Duc

Jean-Christophe Duc

Pastry Chef, Technical adviser Les vergers Boiron
Jean-Christophe Duc is a Compagnon du Tour de France and has a European Master’s degree in pastry making. He is a native of the French region of the Bresse in Burgundy and lived his youth between t...
  1. Lemon Cream


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Lemon - 250 g
    • Lemon macaroon > Etape (previous revision) > produits - 125 g
    • Egg - 125g
    • Cream powder - 15g
    • Sugar - 200g
    • Butter - 450g
    • Egg yolk - 200g
    Heat the puree, butter, part of the sugar. 
    Mix the eggs, the rest of the sugar and cream powder. 
    Stir and cook without boiling. 
    Pour into baked sweet pastry cases.
    Suggestion: mix the semi-candied lemon in the cream.

    In this step

    Frozen fruit purées
  2. Macaroons


    • Egg white - 200
    • Egg white (powder) - 1
    • Sugar - 50
    • food coloring - 3
    • Icing sugar - 450
    • Almond powder - 250
    Whisk the egg whites and powdered egg whites at medium speed. 
    Increase the speed and firm with the sugar.
    In the meantime, sieve the icing sugar with the ground almonds.
    Mix the egg whites in two goes and macaroon.
    Pipe out onto a silpat and leave until a crust forms for 45 minutes.
    Bake at 160 °C for 1 minute and lower the heat of the oven to 155 °C. 
    Bake for 10 mins.
    Garnish with the lemon cream.
    Suggestion: pipe out a circle of cream and add the semi-candied lemon in the middle. 
    Cover with a macaroon shell.

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