Sweet bean

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Here we find classic Tropical flavors, the idea being to recreate a non-alcoholic « milk punch  ».

Green, slightly acidic and bitter notes from the coffee complement rich fruitiness from Les vergers Boiron purées, with added cooking spice for complexity.

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Sweet bean
Maxime Le Gal

Maxime Le Gal

Maxime Le Gal, Mixologist, Cofounder and Partner, Rocks & Rye, and Les vergers Boiron Consultant
Maxime Le Gal founded Rocks & Rye in Lyon in 2017, with his partner Amanda Boucher, an acclaimed mixologist, known in part for her signature and legendary cocktail “La Muse”.   ​Having ...
  1. Sweet bean


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Coconut - 30ml
    • Frozen fruit purée : Banana - 30ml
    • Spiced Cold Brew coffee - 45ml
    • Sugar syrup: - 7,5ml

    Built drink: Mix all ingredients in a rock glass, add plenty of crushed ice, mix and churn, top with crushed ice.

    Garnish with dehydrated banana, coffe beans and coconut powder.

    Sirop simple:

    Simple syrup: 1 volume water mixed with 1 volume granulated white sugar.

    Spiced Cold Brew coffee:

    10g quality freshly ground coffee

    300ml mineral water

    1 star anise, 1  small cinnammon stick, 1 clove, 1 cardamom pod, 2 whole allspice.

    Cold infuse in a fridge for 48h, filter and bottle.

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