Fresh sparkling lime with wild mint

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Lionel Lallement

Lionel Lallement

Chef at Saint Clair Le Traiteur in Paris, Lionel Lallement has been using his talent to combine textures and tastes for 30 years. Son and grandson of bakers and pastry makers, Lionel was the youngest ...
  1. Ingredients

    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Lime - 500 g
    • Wild mint - 1/2 botte
    • crystal sugar - 75 g
    • Lemonade - QS
    Heat the lime puree with the sugar, without boiling.
    Remove the leaves from the stalks of the wild mint and sprinkle over the top. Cover the pan with plastic film. Leave to infuse overnight and pass through a
    conical sieve. When ready to serve, take 4 parts of the liquid and add the lemonade. Serve immediately over a bed of ice.
    Decoration: chopped mint around the edge of the glass.

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    Frozen fruit purées

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