Sailing on the Seven seas

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This cocktail is based on the classical "ron-coconut" combination, but this is not a tropical and overly sweet drink! Complex, dry, spicy...

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Sailing on the Seven seas
Maxime Le Gal

Maxime Le Gal

Maxime Le Gal, Mixologist, Cofounder and Partner, Rocks & Rye, and Les vergers Boiron Consultant
Maxime Le Gal founded Rocks & Rye in Lyon in 2017, with his partner Amanda Boucher, an acclaimed mixologist, known in part for her signature and legendary cocktail “La Muse”.   ​Having ...
  1. Sailing on the Seven seas


    • Frozen speciality : Coconut cream - 45ml
    • Old rum - 30ml
    • Amontillado Cherry (wine) - 10ml
    • Aquavit - 5ml
    • Simple syrup - 10ml
    • Angostura® Bitters - 2 traits

    Glass: Rocks / Old Fashioned

    Ice: Highball ice or large ice cubes

    Technique / Method: Combine briefly all ingredients, except coconut cream, with ice in a mixing glass, strain over fresh ice, add coconut cream and stir very briefly

    Presentation / garnish: grated coconut

    In this step

    Frozen fruit purées

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