Perfect cobbler

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Freddy Diaz

Freddy Diaz

Bartender / Mixologist
Freddy Diaz is President at AlambiQ Inc. mixology consulting firm and has worked with the world’s leading brands, corporations, spirits suppliers and bars. He prides himself by using fruit purees, uni...
  1. Perfect cobbler


    • Wine Dry Sack - 1 oz - 3 cl
    • Gin - 1 oz - 3 cl
    • Sugar syrup: - 3/4 oz - 2.2 cl
    • Angostura® Bitters - 1 Dash

    Technique: Add ingredients in a mixing glass, shake with ice, strain over fresh ice.

    Glass: Big Old Fashioned (Big Rocks Glass)

    Garnish: 1 Speared Orange Wedge, Lemon Wedge, Blackberry, Raspberry

    Tools: Jigger, Mixing Glass, Mixing Tin, and Hawthorn Strainer

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