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Freddy Diaz

Freddy Diaz

Bartender / Mixologist
Freddy Diaz is President at AlambiQ Inc. mixology consulting firm and has worked with the world’s leading brands, corporations, spirits suppliers and bars. He prides himself by using fruit purees, uni...
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    • Gin - 2 oz - 6 cl
    • Tonic water - 6.8 oz - 20.4 cl

    Technique: Build in Glass

    1. Add ice inside balloon glass.

    2. Place spoon through the crevasse of the ice in the center of the balloon glass.

    3. Slowly Pour Fever Tree Tonic down the spoon so tonic flows down the spoon into the

    glass and at the same time, the gas does not escape. Last, Garnish...

    Garnish: Lime Peel (Skin of Lime) and 3 Juniper Berries

    Glass: Balloon Glass

    Tools: Potato peeler for lime Peel, bar spoon, and jigger

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