Pastry Chef

Chef Paul Hayward is a world renown, award winning Pastry Chef with 30 years of experience and originally from England.
Paul trained under Master French, German and Swiss Pastry chefs and achieved the highest leading qualifications possible in his field and worked in the premium Five Star Hotels and Resorts in London, Florida, Bahamas and Dubai. 
Paul has now opened his open Pastry Consultancy “Ph by Design” and is based in Dubai where he is using his creative and diverse approach and unique style, combining classic combinations with modern twists with flavors and presentation.
His travels and vast culinary experience including modernistic cuisine, liquid nitrogen, themed cake sculpting, air brushing, chocolate & sugar works, Vegan, Gluten free and many dietary restrictions and enjoys a fun approach and original style for pastry individually designed for his clients to fit any need.
Paul has great experience in openings including restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, Franchises including Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks and even a cooking school from idea to conception with strong understanding of financial, hygiene and trends



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