Arnaud Cadoret

Currently consultant in Asia, French Chef Arnaud CADORET has been working in Seoul since 2011, as a Pastry Chef at “pâtisserie Amandier”, then as R&D director in Pastry and Chocolate for Korean group  E-LAND. 
Previously, after working at Oberweiss pastry in Luxembourg (member of the association Relais Dessert), Arnaud worked as an Instructor at INBP (National Institute of Pastry and Bakery) in Rouen (France), where he conduct baking training courses for professionals.

Arnaud was also an instructor at Valrhona pastry school in France (Tain l'Hermitage, Drôme). 

  • Meilleur Apprenti de France Finale (France Best Apprentice Finale), ranked 2nd
  • Charles Proust 2010 competition  Press reward (Paris Chocolate Show) 


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