Lloyd Hamon

Pastry Chef

France: 2000: Pastry Second at Restaurant des Forges 2002: Pastry Chef at Relais des Diligences China: 2005: Pastry Chef at “La Seine” Guangzhou 2010: Opening own brand “Cheris Patisserie” Guangzhou 2014: Opening own brand “Lu Patisserie” Shenzhen Born in Brittany, France, Lloyd has been interested very early about pastry. Beginning at 14 his formation, he has learned in many traditional pastry shop, then started to study more about luxury pastries, which let you learn about combination between taste, texture and colour. After all this experience, Lloyd wanted to try new challenge, start French pastry in China; since 2005 worked in a few French pastries then decided to open his own brand in 2010. “French pastry is an art, in which you learn new things every day, and let your imagination speak”



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