Fabian Rimann

Confectioner & chocolate maker

Fabian RIMANN Fabian Rimann was born and raised in Ennetbaden (Canton of Argau, Switzerland). After a post graduate apprenticeship as a baker / pastry chef, he trained to become a confectioner. Early on Fabian developed a passion for working creatively with chocolate. It offers unending possibilities to play with taste and emotion. As head baker at Himmel bakery/patissier in Baden, Switzerland, and as product developer at Vollenweider chocolatier in Winterthur, Fabian gained much experience. In 2006, barely 25 years old, Fabian Rimann was Cappointed head pastry chef at the 5 star Hotel/Restaurant Baur au Lac in Zurich, Switzerland. From 2009 to 2011 he ran Max Chocolatier in Lucerne, Switzernd. During all this time Fabian continued to train and hone his skills. In 2011 he officially became a federally certified Master of Pastry and Confections. 2008- World Team Championships in Nashville, USA - Bronze metal for pastry team 2008- Chef Olympics, in Erfurt, Germany - Best chocolate show piece 2007- World Team Championships for chefs in Chicago, USA - World champion 2006- World Pastry Championships in Berlin - 2nd Place in the class of Master pastry chefs 2006- European Baker Championships in Luxemburg - Winner 2005- KARIBSO Cake competition - 1st Place



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