Tropical fruits

Tropical fruits
Tropical fruits (Tropical fruits)


Tropical fruits: traveling through taste

A tropical fruit is defined as coming from regions with a tropical or sub-tropical climate, which share a common characteristic: they cannot withstand temperatures lower the 4°C during their growth period. The mango, emblematic fruit of India, is at the head of exotic fruits, with its numerous varieties and its rich and varied qualities: aromatic, sweet or slightly sour, subtly spicy and oozing with a bright palette of saffron colors. The pineapple, picked at the height of its maturity, is light, not too fibrous in texture and is both sweet and astringent. Passion fruit contributes its aromatic intensity, its recognizable sourness, as well as its freshness and its citrussy notes. Finally, lime completes this subtle assemblage of tastes, with its own unique mix of sour, floral and woody notes. This lively dance of tastes enables us to travel to far-off countries all year long.

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