Mara des bois strawberry

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Mara des bois strawberry (Red fruits)

Mara des bois strawberry: the best of both worlds!

The mara des bois strawberry is a very recent hybrid variety, created in in 1991 by the French botanist André Marionnet. It combines all the advantages of a wild strawberry (fraise des bois in French, whence its name) and a garden strawberry. In terms of its cultivation, it is a highly-productive indeterminant cultivar (i.e. it produces fruit practically continuously from July to the autumn frosts), it is bigger than wild strawberries, resists plant disease very well and adapts itself easily to a great variety of soils and weather conditions. Once on the plate, the mara des bois gives us its lovely scarlet red color, its tender flesh and its subtly sweet taste and wild strawberry fragrance. Because of this great array of qualities, it quickly became one of the most cultivated strawberries in France and beyond, and is particularly well suited to different types of processing. It mixes well with other fruits, but also with all sorts of herbs and spices: thyme, basil, ginger, hot peppers and, of course, chocolate. Its lovely juicy texture is also very appreciated by mixologists for its color, its texture and its taste, both sophisticated and natural.

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