Caribbean cocktail with rum

Tropical fruits
Caribbean cocktail with rum (Tropical fruits)


Caribbean rum cocktail: Avast ye hardies!

This cocktail uses a pineapple base, coconut milk for smoothness and a touch of creaminess, lime for freshness, and a touch of rum to allow you to sail to your heart’s content in the gentle winds of the islands. Its mix is a true archipelago of tastes, fragrances and sweet notes. It’s up to you to choose its destination: on its own or with some fellow travelers: ginger, sour cherries or all sorts of berries, mango or even rhubarb! Also, you can explore new possibilities of exotic and tropical rum babas (babas au rhum). Dare to even go farther in uncharted territories such as verrines (spooned desserts in a small glasses), Yule logs and other Christmas cakes and puddings, thus traveling during the holidays without having to leave your home port, or use this versatile mix as a base for marinades and sauces for poultry… a cocktail for infinite possibilities.

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