Bartender / Mixologist

What would you like?
As a barmaid or barman, you have a close relationship based on pleasure with your customers. They want you to impress them with cocktails in line with what they like but want to be surprised at the time. A tasty cocktail is made with high quality fruit solutions. That’s why we also constantly ask our customers "what would you like?".

Freddy Diaz
Bartender / Mixologist
Freddy Diaz is President at AlambiQ Inc. mixology consulting firm and has worked with the world’s leading brands, corporations, spirits suppliers and bars. He prides himself by using fruit purees, uni...

Recipes for bartender / mixologist

Discover inspirations and innovations of Bartenders and Mixologists who share their tips and recipes with you.

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All our basic preparations for bartender / mixologist

For you, bartenders and mixologists, Les vergers Boiron has worked with Freddy Diaz, expert mixologist from Miami, Florida, in order to offer you basic preparations and must-make cocktail recipes with our products.

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