Alain Boiron

Side-by-side with talents all over the world
More than 80 years of passion


«More than 80 years ago, my grandfather founded the company Boiron Frères SA. As the inventors of frozen fruit puree, we have continued to innovate by developing our range to support pastry chefs, cooks and bartenders from all over the world on a daily basis with excellent fruit solutions.


Aware of what a privilege it was to take charge of the company in 1990, I continue the expansion of the business with passion. Based in the heart of the orchards of Valence, France, the company now has a subsidiary in the United States, an office in Hong Kong and shines alongside great chefs in more than 80 countries.


To have exceptional fruit solutions, you can count on our unique expertise in blending and processing fruits, on the producers who provide us with fruits of rare quality, on our network of distributors around the globe and the women and men of the company without whom nothing would be possible.


From hors d’oeuvres to dessert and drinks our fruit solutions guide your inspiration and release your creativity.


Let’s share fruit at its best together!»


Alain Boiron
Managing Director