Juices, velvet cream soups, green smoothies ... the craze for drinkable fruit and vegetables!

Juices, velvet cream soups, green smoothies ... the craze for drinkable fruit and vegetables!

All these trends share the desire to enjoy the flavour and nutrients of fruit and vegetables, simply.

Whether you are a caterer, restaurateur, cook or bartender, you will not escape the trend of mixed vegetable drinks. Previously reserved for fruit, juice, cocktail, smoothie and cold soup formats are increasingly adapted to vegetables. It is better to offer them before you are asked.

The trend

It is the convergence of several trends, both fun fashion, wellness and fast life. Of course, people have drunk soup since ancient times. But the liquid form at any time of the year, including outside a hearty meal, is more recent, and goes hand in hand with the current and very popular takeaway, healthy eating and tasting pleasure trend. The "green smoothies" fashion half-fruit, half-vegetable (see below), is recent, popularised by Hollywood stars. Like "juicing", a more controversial trend, which consists in only eating liquids...

Assets and benefits

- In addition to a typical fresh vegetable taste, fruit provides smoothness and softness that allow the palate to focus on flavour and texture. Such a powerful taste sensation.

- The first benefit is to increase the proportion of fruit and vegetables in one’s diet, which is always a good thing! The preparations obtained are often very rich in vitamins and minerals, if they have not been heated or the nutrients expelled (excessively rapid mixing for example). And there is chlorophyll, at least in "green smoothies".

- Recently, "juicing" has emerged, advocating a liquid only diet. Nutritionists recognise that from time to time after a festive meal, it can help to eat more lightly and gives the stomach a break even though no study has yet proved the virtues for the body.


- Natural only, that's the whole point of this trend.

- The vegetables that lend themselves best to liquid preparations include carrot, beetroot, turnip, butternut, pumpkin, tomato, radish... but also all salads: spinach, lamb's lettuce, romaine lettuce, lettuce, watercress, rocket, endive, oakleaf lettuce.

- If possible, use 100% vegetable or fruit without added sugars or salts or other additives (flavouring, thickening, colouring or preservative). Les vergers Boiron already offer a very comprehensive range. You can guarantee the quality of your preparations with Les vergers Boiron fruit and vegetable purées. They perfectly respect the taste and the organoleptic properties of the original ingredient.

- Fruit + vegetable mixtures are popular. In fact, fruit sugar softens the bitterness of vegetables and strengthens the gustatory pleasure: banana is thus a perfect complement (especially as it gives a smooth texture), as are kiwi, mango, pineapple, raspberries and grapes.

- Warning: fruit should be peeled, seeded and not damaged! Another reason to use pre-prepared vegetable purees (and fruit purees), such as those made by Les vergers Boiron.

October 2015