The irresistible rise of Fast GoodForget Fast Food, go for Fast Good

The irresistible rise of Fast GoodForget Fast Food, go for Fast Good

You've heard of organic Slow Food... well now's the time for Fast Good. To trumpet the virtues healthy and balanced snack meals.

You've heard of organic Slow Food... well now's the time for Fast Good. To trumpet the virtues healthy and balanced snack meals.


It's on everyone's lips: in retailing and catering "Fast Good" or healthy, balanced, eco-friendly food, remains simple and practical while adapting to new, fast and on-the-go eating habits.

The trend

It has been growing over the past decade. Its origin? More and more consumers and professionals criticize the negative effects of fast food - which boomed in the Nineties - on health and well-being. The new credo: it is possible to eat fast but healthy, natural and balanced food. While taking pleasure in what you eat.

In retail and catering

This new catering style appeared among our European neighbors a few years ago. Several catering chains have joined the "Fast Good" segment. The concept is based on healthy food: ready-to-eat dishes of the day or portions (crisp salads: endive with dried fruit, sprinkled with parmesan or white rice, dried seaweed and lamb's lettuce, vegetable lasagne, etc.) or ultra-specialization (the green burger, pasta, gyoza, stir fries, etc.), sweet and/or savory salads and sandwiches composed to order. In drinks, conventional fruit juices have been replaced by creamy and refreshing smoothies: coconut/mandarin, strawberry/banana. Since, their growth has skyrocketed. This concept is massively popular with busy but gastronomically aware palates and has also seduced the major starred chefs: Paul Bocuse in Lyon, Marc Veyrat in Paris and Ferrán Adriá in Madrid have opened annexes in their restaurants dedicated to healthy fast food using high quality produce.

The principles

- Balance: a complete meal, even taken on the go, should contain fruit and vegetables but also starch, protein, oil, fat and sugar in reasonable quantities.

- Natural and healthy ingredients: the priority goes to local produce, high quality varieties, ripe-picked fruit and vegetables.

- Organic and local farming: the advocates of "Fast Good" focus on seasonal fruit and vegetables and direct supplies from regional producers. This is to ensure high quality, of course, but also to promote sustainable development. This having been said, contrary to Slow Food, reasonable use of exotic, characterful products imported from afar is not forbidden.

- Freshness and flavor: this basically summarizes the above. “Fast Good” means finding the original quality of products and enhancing their taste qualities through simple recipes.

These are the principles underpinning the philosophy of Les vergers Boiron products. The fruit and vegetables we select come from the best orchards. They are then frozen to maintain their flavor and original nutritive qualities. Ready for simple and rapid use, our products are available all year round and are ideal for including in healthy dishes: from starters to desserts and to beverages.

5 Fast Good classics

- Vegetable soups: hot or cold, they are not confined to the winter season. A simple and fast way to take in more fibers, minerals and vitamins.

- Very varied fresh salads, composed to order. New ideas for dressings (less oil, more fruit vinegars, aromatic herbs, lemons, etc.) resulting in more balance.

- Sandwiches: the symbol of unhealthy meals, the sandwich can in fact effectively replace a complete, balanced meal. To do just that, cut out the mayonnaise. It is preferable to use organic or cereal bread, rich in fibers, minerals and vitamins, and balance the filling: fruit butter (particularly tasty with meat!), protein provided by meat or fish, raw or cooked vegetables, garnishes, and so on. If the sandwich contains more local and organic ingredients, bought fresh from the market, so much the better.

- Fruit smoothies with a little milk and ice or, less well known but just as effective for filling up on vitamins, savory smoothies with tomato, red pepper or cucumber.

- Crunchy fruit (in salads, brochettes) or drinkable fruit (in soups). Fruit ideally round off the lunch break. With Les vergers Boiron ready-to-use fruit pieces (strawberry, blackberry, mango, pineapple, etc.), it's easy to finish off with a genuine light and refreshing note and maximum gourmet flavor!