Geir Skeie, Henrik Norström and Ferdy Debecker, 3 Bocuse d'Or Winners, will host the winners

Geir Skeie, Henrik Norström and Ferdy Debecker, 3 Bocuse d'Or Winners, will host the winners

The winners of the Boiron Frères Young Talents Trophy will receive training of the utmost quality and highest diversity.

It is difficult to talk about Ferdy Debecker, Bocuse de Bronze 1999 and new President of the association of the Bocuse d'Or Winners, without mentioning Ann Debecker, his wife. Their restaurant in Belgium, Eyckerhof, as warm and stylish as a large family home, is the fruit of their joint work. There, customers are welcomed as friends. It is with the cheerfulness and kindness of close relatives that the Debeckers are getting ready to welcome the three winners of the Boiron Frères Young Talents trophy. They will discover the high requirements demanded of traditional, creative and simple cuisine made from local products revisited to suit today's tastes. Four months of training in delightful surroundings, in the peace and quiet of the countryside.

At Geir Skeie's restaurant, cuisine puts a strong focus on fish and performance. As a young student, Geir discovered the Bocuse d'Or on the occasion of Bent Stiansen's victory in1993. He imagined himself also as the world champion of cuisine, his unfailing passion... He achieved this 15 years later, winning the Bocuse d'Or for Norway.
His two "Brygga 11" restaurants are located on the seafront.
• To the South of Oslo, in the summer, a large gourmet brasserie with 200 covers, half of them outside.
• In winter, Geir Skeie welcomes us on the Atlantic coast on the island of Stord in the heart of the fishing village where he was born.
90% seafood, his cuisine is creative, innovative and energised and this ambitious chef remains humble and eager to share.

With Henrik Norström, Bocuse d'Argent in 2001, the young winners will discover Swedish flavours and products and "enterprising" cuisine. Henrik Norström and his team are constantly innovating. Three locations bear their hallmark in Stockholm:
• The B.A.R. grill-restaurant, where guests choose their fresh fish, sauce and side dish from the display, at an affordable price.
At the Lux Dag för Dag, "Luxury day after day", Henrik Norström, does not offer a menu but constantly reinvented cuisine, depending on the day's market. On-site, a shop sells fresh products with advice for preparation by home cooks.
E.A.T, a Chinese bistro held by Chinese chefs selected by Henrik. There is also a bar, a terrace and a takeaway.

The three chefs are committed to training tomorrow's chefs and are delighted to welcome "very professional, inquisitive and attentive" "girls" onto their teams. There is no doubt that Floriane, Mélina and Cyndie will be up to the job.