All you need to know about vegetarianism

All you need to know about vegetarianism

The 0% meat - 100% vegetable movement is gaining ground. Among your customers too! Don't miss out.



Key figures

1 billion vegetarians in the world.

Approximately 2 to 3% of the French population. The results differ depending on the survey, but the trend is there. In Europe, Sweden and Italy already have around 10%, Austria and the UK 9% of their population. In the rest of the world, the United States the vegetarian population ranges between 7 and 13%, in Canada and Brazil around 8%, in Japan and China 4%.



Vegetarian> True vegan



- Semi-vegetarians only exclude meat from their diet. And some sometimes eat poultry.

- Vegetarians exclude meat, fish and seafood from their diet. They usually eat dairy (lacto-vegetarian) or eggs (ovo-vegetarian).
- Vegans are strict: only plant foods, never any foods of animal origin. Not even honey.
- True vegans exclude all animal exploitation from their lives and refuse to wear woollen garments, own a leather armchair, etc.


They include Einstein, Carl Lewis and Jude Law



In ancient times, Pythagoras and Plato adopted a vegetarian diet. Great geniuses of history too, like Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein. And nowadays there are countless vegetarians in show business including David Bowie, Vanessa Paradis and Sylvester Stallone! Even great athletes have taken the plunge, such as Carl Lewis and Marie-Claude Pietragalla.

5 great French vegetarian chefs


As proof that the trend affects the highest culinary spheres, a number of chefs and restaurants have recently turned to vegetarianism.

The famous chef Jean Montagard has been a fan since the 1980s.

Joël Robuchon, in late 2013, opened a 100% vegetarian workshop in Mumbai. He believes it is "the cuisine of the next 10 years."

Alain Ducasse, in 2014, withdrew red meat from his menu at the Plaza Athénée.

Michel Roth, at the Espadon (at the Ritz in Paris), is introducing an increasing number of vegetarian dishes.

Alain Passard, at l'Arpège, is known for putting vegetables back at the centre of his menus (although he still serves game, poultry, fish and lobster).

Can we really do without animal protein?


This is the question vegetarians are most frequently asked. It is normal as meat and fish contain much more protein than fruit and vegetables. But they can perfectly meet the nutritional needs of an individual, and even athletes. The only condition is a good, varied diet and coverage of calorie needs (fruit and vegetables are calorie-poor). Among the vegetable with the highest protein AND calorie content are oats, rye, lentils, split peas, beans and of course ... tofu!

A balanced vegetarian meal is not complicated!

Simply mix three types of food, in the right amounts:

- Cereals, potatoes and pulses (beans, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans) for protein (to be completed with eggs if you allow it).
- Dairy for calcium, with almonds, walnuts, watercress and parsley.
- Fruit and vegetables five times a day, for fibre and vitamins. Les vergers Boiron products offer all the properties of fresh fruit and vegetables, and fit perfectly in this category.

To avoid any deficiencies, it is also important to add:

- Oils: sunflower, corn, canola or soy for essential fatty acids.
- Lentils, parsley, ginger, dates or nuts for iron (together with citrus fruit or kiwi, which help absorb it through vitamin C).



Vegetarian cuisine is (much) tasty(ier)

By removing meat and fish, and saturated fat, vegetarianism lightens dishes and enhances the flavour of other foods. Above all, it puts vegetables, often considered as mere "trimmings", at the centre of the plate. And requires more variety and originality. When did you last eat arrowroot, seitan, butternut, pomegranate or kalamansi?

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