The powerful aroma of fruit

The powerful aroma of fruit
Les vergers Boiron guide pastry chefs in their creative ambitions with the new use table for fruit purées to make crémeux.

The crème de la crème

For numerous applications, making a perfect crémeux  is an indispensable and somewhat delicate exercise, which must be done precisely and perfectly.  To help pastry chefs to make the very best fruit recipes, Jean-Thomas Schneider, ice-cream MOF, 2018 World Champion Ice-Cream maker and 2017 World Champion Pastry-maker, has designed a professional user’s technical table for Les vergers Boiron dedicated to fruit crémeux


This practical tool aims to simplify everyday tasks for professional chefs, beginning with a reminder of the different stages and processes to create a perfect crémeux and also the quantities of ingredients to be used, depending on the fruit purée being used. With this table, covering 50 Les vergers Boiron fruit purée flavors, pastry-makers will therefore conveniently be able to determine the amount of sugar, glucose, water, and butter etc. to be integrated into each recipe. This is a real time-saver and a helping hand to make even more creative desserts.


In line with current gastronomic trends and to enable pastry-makers to adapt their products to different types of customers and immediate inspirations, this table is useful for making traditional crémeux using dairy-based butter, but also vegan versions, using cocoa butter.


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July 2020