Pastry: it all happened in 2013!

Pastry: it all happened in 2013!

Trends, highlights, and the year's major events to be remembered for Les vergers Boiron in 2013.

The year's trends
"Primetime" baking
Pastry-chefs are real stars. Their recipes initiate trends and are exhibited as works of art. There are baking TV shows everywhere! Especially in Europe: France, Sweden, Norway and in the US where there are several very popular baking shows on multiple networks.

Hybridization: the year's big trend
French pastry chef Dominique Ansel in New York came up with the idea of marrying the famous croissant with the most famous American pastry, the donut, with incredible success! Within a few months, the cronut has become an international phenomenon. From Japan to Australia, chefs have gone crazy, reproducing exact copies or reworked versions: zonuts, frissants, cronies, crodough, dossants.
This tendency to combine two recipes into one has inspired the creation of other new hybrid pastries: the brookie (brownie-cookie), the macagaufre (macaron-waffle), the townie (pie-brownie) or the duffin (muffin- donut)!

Savoury pastries
This is an existing trend that is continually evolving. Delicious sweet things are fun to transform into savoury versions: courgette cupcakes, cucumber sorbet, tomato "religieuse", soy Bavarian cream, pepper macaron, Provençal cheesecake... Imagination knows no bounds in the culinary melting pot!

News of global fruit farming and markets
In several countries, the increase in the standard of living is starting to make the fresh food market more attractive for producers, hence the decrease in certain supply sources to industry. This trend has been well anticipated by Les vergers Boiron. Our active monitoring policy has helped forecast risks and adopt corrective measures to ensure the quality and continuity of supply.
Following the late cold spell, a delay of two to three weeks in all crops was observed across Europe in 2013, which was absorbed without major difficulty owing to our supply management and inventory management policies.

2013 for Les vergers Boiron: keep innovating!
In 2013, several new delicious products were launched: Yellow pepper, Bergamot, Ginger Specialty, Lemon Grass Specialty, Dark Red Plum, and Grated Coconut.
In 2014: we continue to innovate with new exciting tastes and textures to be discovered this spring!

And internationally!
To be closer to customers, Les vergers Boiron participated in more than 30 food fairs worldwide and organized more than 130 demonstrations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and America.