New: launch of 3 citrus fruit in 100% purees

New: launch of 3 citrus fruit in 100% purees

Our 100% fruit and vegetable collection without added sugar * keeps on growing! You can now find all the freshness and zesty flavour of pineapple, mandarin and pink grapefruit in purees that will boost your most fruity recipes.

At Les vergers Boiron, for almost 40 years now, we have made purees with no added sugar*, which perfectly render the freshness, colour, texture, and flavour, all the power of the original fruit and vegetable. With our 44 different references, we are proud to offer the most extensive 100% without added sugar range* in the world.

And our range keeps on growing! This month we are launching our first 100% pineapple, mandarin and pink grapefruit purees.

100% pineapple puree: you will find the intense and sweet flavour so typical of the cut fruit, in a smooth and fluid, low acid and brightly coloured puree.

100% mandarin puree
: very fragrant, with a hint of typical acidity, its colour is perfect and its juicy texture similar to that of the fresh fruit.

100% pink grapefruit puree: you will not resist its refreshing taste that reveals a hint of bitterness, that of the sun-kissed fruit. Its colour is intact, light, and its juicy texture is that of the freshly-picked fruit.

100% fruit and vegetable purees are the most demanding ones we have ever produced. Indeed, added sugar is a flavour enhancer that helps to maintain and stabilise pureed fruit and vegetables. We have risen to the challenge of "no added sugar*" and guarantee the same stability for all products in our 100% range.

You have the most natural and authentic purees ever made. Leaving you, food professionals, the sole masters of the sugar level. These Les vergers Boiron purees offer a much wider scope of use, without ever restricting your creativity.

*Contains sugar naturally present in fruit.