Lightened pastry revisits flavours

Lightened pastry revisits flavours

Lightened pastry is this year's star. Resulting from "well-balanced eating", this trend is starting to appeal to fine gourmets and the greatest pastry chefs. Fresh fruit, 100 % fruit and even vegetable purees can be used to make low sugar cakes offering authentic taste.

Focusing on flavour!
This trend is not new and lets you use the right amount of sugar in traditional recipes.
The accent is on balanced diet composed of fibres, minerals and micronutrients, particularly from fruits and vegetables.
Lightened pastry answers these expectations perfectly.

More flavour

It is with delight that pastry chefs are beginning to use "no added sugar" fruit puree, rebalance the different ingredients and make out a new delicacy, fine and refined.

To meet the challenge, some pastry chefs, like the great chef Philippe Conticini, King of the Paris-Brest and honey madeleines, use sugars naturally present in all other ingredients. Fruit, of course, but also milk, flour and cream.

Combining vegetables with fruit

At the heart of this new patisserie style are fruit, whether fresh, concentrated or in the form of 100 % purees like those offered by Les vergers Boiron. But vegetables, which have long been discreet, should not be neglected. They are increasingly being used in artisan pastry workshops. Yann Couvreur, the rising star of Parisian Patisserie, particularly likes combinations drawn from various fruit and vegetable textures. For the prince of the on-demand Comoro vanilla millefeuille, the main asset of "no added sugar" is to preserve all the organoleptic qualities of each product.
He enthusiastically explains that new refined flavours are to be invented for customers eager for new discoveries.

Do you also want to follow this promising trend? Let our 100 % purees guide your inspiration and make the most of our recipes to innovate.

July 2016