7 trends that will boost baking/pastry-making

7 trends that will boost baking/pastry-making

Baking professionals have found several strategies to offset the decline in activity. Les vergers Boiron reveal them here.

Market analysis

It is a fact that the artisan bakery, the symbol of the French way of life, is suffering from the development of the mass market, sandwich bars, hot snack bars, and fast-food operations in France. It has therefore started its transformation.
Its strengths remain excellent. Bakeries are the main points of sale of bread and pastries. They enjoy geographic and relational proximity, quality, an attractive environment, the choice of home-made products and customer confidence. Many bakers are working to find further growth opportunities to renew daily offerings and meet customer expectations.

Here are 7 trends that should be followed now.

1 - Additional business

Many bakers have opened a catering and snacking area, self-service, smoothie or soup bar, brunch range, grocery, tea shop or reading lounge next to their traditional counter space.
=> To develop this complementary offer, you can rely on our range of ready-to-use frozen vegetable and fruit purees. The guarantee of unsurpassed quality, very close to the fresh product, with the convenience of being ready-to-use.

2 - Themes

Very fashionable is the specialisation of shops into themes: country (American, Italian, tapas, etc.), eco-healthy (organic, fair-trade, gluten-free) or trendy (miniaturised, cyber café, pastry workshops).
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3 - Lunch

This is not new, 9 out of 10 bakeries already have a lunch range offering deals and a dramatisation of their products. But lunch remains the main moment of consumption, and when broadened with afternoon snacking, this range should be developed with fresh, home-made, non-pre-packed "street food" offers. The alternative to "junk food" continues to work well.

4 - Gourmet break

Our baker customers tell us that they must ride on the success of Starbucks, which expanded the sweet snack market in the afternoon: the turnover generated by the snack break is growing by 30 to 40% in chains. Many baker partners have launched a range of coffee and chocolate drinks, along with cleverly recommended cakes and Viennese pastries, like the "chef's suggestion" for example.
=> Our frozen fruit purees, or coulis and (new!) fresh and ready-to-use semi-candied fruit are ideal for increasing your pastry and cake range without increasing staff costs.

5 - The "empty fridge" effect

Increasingly common, some consumers in the evening buy takeaway dinners or additional meal items along with their bread. Bakers have managed to build the loyalty of these customers by proposing simple formulas (with bread, salad and pastries).

6 - The "business" offer

Employees tend to eat increasingly on the go and often eat lunch on a tray during meetings. Partner bakeries close to office buildings have therefore developed a fresh packed lunch and business lunch tray range, on demand.

7 - Sweet specialities

Macaroons have become very popular in recent years. Many of our customers expect waffles, pancakes and Viennese pastries to become the "hits" of 2015 or 2016. In sweet or savoury versions.
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