100 %, a range with no added sugar that gives you the choice of dose you want.

100 %,  a range with no added sugar that gives you the choice of dose you want.

With the Les vergers Boiron 100 % fruit and vegetable range, find fresh, authentic products without anything added. Control your use of sugar and reassure your customers by giving them the lightened food they are looking for! A range of 30 flavours that continues to grow.

The Les vergers Boiron 100 % pure fruit and vegetable range: the largest in the world!  To develop new creations, 30 flavours are available. Fruit, of course: pineapple, passion fruit, lime, or mango ... But also original vegetable flavours: red and yellow peppers, beetroot, green asparagus and butternut squash. A range without anything added which guarantees the original taste and all the nutritional quality of fresh produce. Haven't you tried it yet? Here are three arguments that should finally convince you.

Benefit no. 1: controlling sugar

You measure the amount of sugar you need for your recipes as if you were using fresh fruit. Your creams, ganaches, sorbets and desserts reflect your creativity. You have infinite potential and tremendous freedom for your pastries and cakes.

Benefit no. 2: find all the qualities of fresh fruit

You can be assured of having products with an authentic and intense taste. Their nutritional and taste qualities are consistent throughout the year. No added sugars-, colouring-, preservative-, thickening-, GMO- and gluten-free: our purees are 100 % fruit.

Benefit no. 3: satisfy your customers' desire for "well-balanced eating"

Today, consumers want to be sure of eating balanced, fresh and natural products. They also seek guarantees on the quality and safety of food. With the Les vergers Boiron range100 % range, you can count on products of excellence.

Star vegetables

The trend is for vegetables in pastries and cakes. Pumpkin, tomato, cucumber or pepper are confidently combined with praline or sacrosanct chocolate. And their success is growing because vegetables rebalances sugar and fat content in desserts.
Our Les vergers Boiron 100 % vegetable puree range guarantees consistent flavour, colour and texture. This high requirement has been reward: our Green Asparagus puree won a Snacking d’Or award in 2016.

New flavour, soon...

Do you like Les vergers Boiron 100 % fruit and vegetable purees? A little more patience. New products will soon be arriving for even more original compositions. 

July 2016